Even those who practice meditation would not know how to give an exact definition of what meditation is. To meditate is to contemplate, to forget everything and to concentrate on ourselves in order to go beyond the mind. It is a state that cannot be attained overnight.

Only practice and perseverance will lead you to find your inner self.

The meditation posture of Hatha Yoga

Also known as Ardha Padmasana or Half Lotus, is the most popular posture of Hatha Yoga and very suitable for meditation, as it allows the body to maintain a firm position and is comfortable enough to concentrate and look inside of ourselves, which is the end of this practice:

– Sit with your back and neck straight. Cross your legs in a triangle.
– Keep a rhythmic breath.
– At first, let your mind run. You will end up concentrating and disconnecting.
– Select a Chakra or a point on the body to center the mind.
– Repeat a mantra mentally or orally. If you do not have a mantra of your own, you can use the mantra “Om”. Never change the mantra.