Room & Services

Beautiful an comfortable rooms

We have comfortable and cool rooms for your stay, with all the amenities for you to spend an unforgettable holiday season. Come and visit us and we will be glad to help you, as if you were in your own home. Choose the one of your preference.





“OSHUM” 2nd. floor

Suite de lujo “Oshum”

Our Luxury Suite has all the space for you to be very comfortable alone or as a couple. Perfect to write that book you have in the inkwell. Or for an unforgettable wedding night. Check your availability as it is always reserved. 

“YEMAYÁ” 1st. Floor

“Seville” Room

Every morning the energy of the Colombian Caribbean will envelop you with one of the most beautiful sunrises. Thanks to a natural lighting Seville is distinguished by its brightness. The room has two comfortable single beds with a private bathroom. 

“Estambul” Room

You can experience the last rays of sun breaking in the trees of a tropical dry forest, exposing a unique mix of colours. It is a quiet and beautiful space for two persons with a private bathroom. Due to its location, it is the perfect room if you are looking for restorative qualities.

“OLOKUM” Basement

“Kuna Yala” Room

Kuna Yala has one double bed and two single beds which makes it perfect for family sharing. You will feel the tranquility that nature offers you, the song of the birds will wake you up every morning and the last rays of the sun will surprise you with its beauty. Ideal for persons who prefer to protect themselves from the heat. 

Habitación “Opa”

Opa has an excellent natural light and thanks to the exterior structure it is maintained cool. If you wake up with the first rays of the sun this room is perfect for you. The room has one double bed and two single beds, ideal for small families.

Habitación “Eckstein”

Has a double bed which makes it ideal for couples. Decorated by the artist who bears the name of the room, Eckstein transmits the essence of his art in each painting. Thanks to its location it is the coolest room in the house. Furthermore, you can enjoy the last rays of the sun in combination with the colors of the sunset.

“ELEGUÁ” Sótano

Habitación “Eleguá”

Perefct for families or friends; the apartment where Eckstein, Kuna Yala and Opa are located. It is specially designed to withstand the intense Caribbean heat due to its location and infrastructure. Elegua has two bathrooms each with shower and a shared space for cooking.



Terminos del servicio

Checkin & Checkout

The hours of entry or delivery of the rooms are agreed with the hostess of the house. And it depends on the needs of our guests. It is an agreement that is made previously.


Request information about our payment methods to make reservations. Send us a message and by mail we will tell you how to make the payment.

House rules

The rules of our house are the same rules that exist in your house. We agree on activities among all. We coordinate events and parties among all, We seek order and cleanliness to enjoy all areas of the house with comfort and tranquility. Do you have a new rule? Let us know and discuss it with everyone.


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