A magical space of peace and harmony to embrace life in the Caribbean Sea.

Welcome to La Casa Caracola

Nestled along Palmarito Beaches, in La Ensenada de las Damas, between Cartagena and Barranquilla lies your Carribean haven.

A place where a dreamy escape awaits, offering an ideal sanctuary for recharging your energy. With meticulous attention to detail, your home promises unforgettable moments.

A 5-minute walk from La Caracola you will find the most spectacular natural reserve beach. Bask in the warm embrace of the sun and rejuvenate amidst the boundless energy of the sea. Let the rhythmic melody of the waves captivate your senses, while you indulge in mesmerizing sunsets and marvel at the celestial spectacle of the stars. Witness the enchanting phases of the moon and the fleeting magic of shooting stars, as you find solace in the gentle sea breeze. Immerse yourself in the tropical dry forest and be entranced by the vibrant awakening of its avian inhabitants.

Lotus Garden

Entering the Lotus Garden is a refreshing ritual of purification and immersion in abundance and love.

The Lotus Garden employs a bionatural system, without chemicals, facilitated by specialized machinery for disinfection, oxygenation and purification. This innovative system mirrors the natural flow of a river, integrating the movement of water, plants, stones and small cleaning fish.

Before entering the biopool, it is important to clean yourself with soap in the outdoor shower. This allows us to remove creams, sunscreens, sand and sea water, as they can disrupt the biopool system and impact the delicate balance of its living organisms. This way we can all enjoy the purifying and healing powers of pure, natural fresh water.

Beach and Water Sports

Tubará – Palmarito Beaches

La Caracola is a 7 minute walk from the nearest beach. A natural beach, not very crowded and of low intervention.

Salinas del Rey beach is a 10 minute car ride and Puerto Velero beach is 15 minutes away – world famous for kitesurfing and other water sports.

The Balcony of the Universe

A magnificent 360˚ terrace overlooking the sea, the gentle hills surrounding the landscape, the stars and beautiful moonlit nights.

Unforgettable sunsets and sunrises. The best place to visualize possible future horizons.

Step onto the Balcony of the Universe, a mesmerizing sanctuary that invites you to embrace the breathtaking beauty of nature. As you remove your shoes and ascend to this celestial haven, reconnect with the earth beneath your feet and witness the unfolding wonders of the landscape. Let the gentle sea breeze caress your skin and carry away your worries as you immerse yourself in the tranquility of La Caracola.

The Rose of the Winds

Sweet pergola that allows you to relax and simply breathe, anchoring you in “the here and now”, with hammocks, tables and benches to relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

It is also a spacious area ideal for yoga and meditation. Relax, discover your inner harmony and revitalize your mind and body in this spacious retreat.

La Kankurua

It follows the sacred ancestral architecture of the peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Surrounded by trees, fruit trees and traditional crops, it is an invitation to connect with Mother Earth and the fruits that feed us.

In advance you can schedule a vibro-acoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls or a beauty ritual with incense and plants from the garden.

The Circle of Fire

A Caracola of tables and chairs outdoors, surrounded by gardens around the fire – an elemental space for inner transformation guided by the flickering flames.

Schedule in advance your spot for special events and dinners around this sacred fire.

The Boat of Dreams

It is a crossroads that connects all areas of the house, a meeting space that invites you to live the Caracola experience.

Shaped like a boat and a giant fish, this garden serves as a gateway, offering access to rooms on the second floor, the toilet area and a place to remove sand from the beach. A path that invites us to walk through it and embark on a journey of enchanting reverie.